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Edtech Resource of the Week

I was having fun with digital storytelling this week, and wanted to share a resource for creating 3D pop-up books, Zooburst.  This is a great website for elementary aged students to express their creativity through storytelling.  Check out an example story below – be sure to check it out in fullscreen.

Taking it a step further, Zooburst incorporates augmented reality, utilizing your computer’s webcam and a printed piece of paper to make the story seem to come alive on screen.  Alas, I was out of ink for my printer, but being the resourceful person that I am, I loaded the PDF on my iPad and pointed it towards my webcam to take a look.   I have to admit, I am impressed!  I can definitely see students getting into this, and also being excited to share it with their parents when they get home from school.

My Zooburst Book in Augmented Reality

For those new to digital storytelling, there are many benefits to adding this activity to your lessons.  Teachers can enhance lessons by including digital stories into lessons, and students can express their creativity, build their knowledge of 21st century tools, and use digital stories as a platform for sharing learned knowledge.  For more information on the benefits of digital storytelling in the classroom, visit the University of Houston’s website, The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.

Zooburst offers free and paid accounts.  The free account allows users to create up to 10 books with up to 10 pages each.  You can access the websites built in library for images, or upload your own.  For advanced functionality, including unlimited books and pages, ability to record narration, add animations, and creation of classes/student accounts, you can get a premium account for $49.99/year or if you can find 5 teachers or more, you can get site licenses from $29.99/year per teacher.


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