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5 Free Digital Resources for Math Teachers

The internet is full of great resources for math teachers, but often it’s difficult to find the time to dig through and find the best ones for your students.  Today’s post focuses on some free resources to help math students visualize difficult concepts and manipulate numbers and variables to discover the language of mathematics.

 1. Geogebra

Geogebra is a free mathematics software application for teachers and students covering interactive geometry, algebra, and calculus.  The software allows the user to create fully dynamic and connected graphics, tables, and equations.  Geogebra can be suitable for all ages of mathematicians – from the elementary grades to the university level.  The most recent release of Geogebra introduced GeogebraTube, where teachers can upload and share free materials related to the teaching of mathematics.  Projects created in Geogebra can be exported into many formats, including html, PNG, PDF, EPS, and others.  You can download the application to your computer, or use the web app here.

2. A Better Calculator by Desmos

Desmos has recently released their newest online graphing calculator, which has a user friendly interface, the ability to save and share graphs, works on multiple platforms (including iPads) and is absolutely free!  If your classroom is tight on funds this year, A Better Calculator is a great alternative to other more pricey options.

3Daum Equation Editor

This web application is available through the Google Chrome Web Store.  The Daum Equation Editor has an easy to use interface that allows teachers and students to quickly create equations.  The equations can then be easily saved as either a text or image file to be used in presentations, webpages and other applications.  Check out this YouTube video to see how easy it is!

4. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This one is by no means a newbie, but it is definitely a great resources for math teachers!  The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) is a collection of interactive math tools for students in preK through high school.  It covers multiple strands of mathematics, including Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability.  Resources include elementary activities, such as counting using base blocks, money, and geoboards, up to high school levels, including box plots, and the Fibonacci Sequence and the Pythagorean Theorem.  Additionally, using the eNLVM website, you can browse through their eModules (learning units),  and Teacher Published lessons to find the resources suitable to your needs.

5. Illuminations by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Like NLVM, the Illuminations website by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has numerous resources for students in grades pre-K through high school.  You can do an activity search by grade level or standard, or browse through all activities to find the ones most suited to your classroom.  Resources include an Advanced Data GrapherFractal Tool, Graph Creator, and Grouping and Grazing, an activity to help young learners practice counting, adding, and subtracting by grouping cows.

What are your favorite resources for your math classroom?

One comment on “5 Free Digital Resources for Math Teachers

  1. Excellent tips for maths teachers. This article on free teaching resources for maths teachers can help them a lot. Brilliant write-up, thanks!

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