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Google Earth in the Classroom

Google Earth is by no means a new resource in education, but it is a great one and I always love sharing ideas for how to integrate this tool into the classroom.  Take a look at some of the great resources below to learn how to use GE to engage students with virtual explorations of our world!

To start, take a look at Google’s own site, Google Earth for Educators.  This site has something for everyone, whether you are just getting started, are looking for new ideas, or want to see if you are qualified to apply for a Google Earth Pro Grant.  Check out some Google Earth tutorials, connect with other teachers using Google Earth, or showcase your student work.

Real World Math – This is a great resource for math teachers looking for ideas of how to integrate Google Earth into the math curriculum.  Find lesson ideas here, divided into five categories: Concepts, Project-Based Learning, Measurement, Exploratory, and Space.

Google Lit Trips – For reading/language arts teachers looking for a new resource to add to your bag of tricks, check out the Google Lit Trips website for some great ideas.  The purpose of a Google Lit Trip is to create an engaging and relevant literary experience for students by allowing them to take the journey of a character from a famous piece of literature.  There are some pre-made trips to explore on the website, or you can have your students create their own based on a piece of literature.

Google Earth for Earth Science – This site is a great resource for earth science teachers to get ideas for using GE in the classroom.  It includes a 25 page manual for Earth Science teachers.

Additional Google Earth Resources:

Google Earth Across the Curriculum

Teaching with Google Earth

Integrating Google Earth in the Elementary Classroom


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