iPad Apps and Instructional Strategies – Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

This is the third post in a series devoted to integrating the instructional strategies discussed in Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement (Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock) into teaching and learning in a 1-to-1 iPad environment. While in no way a comprehensive list, these resources will hopefully give some ideas for how to integrate the strategies into instruction using the iPad.

Reinforcing Effort and Providing Feedback

This instructional strategy provided a bit of a challenge in identifying appropriate apps for the iPad, but I was able to find information on this site from the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory in Portland, Oregon, to help identify implementation strategies that fit.

Student attitudes and belief can have a strong impact on academic achievement.  By recognizing student effort and providing constructive feedback, students are more aware of how hard work can turn into positive results.  The applications listed below can help students and teachers identify expectations for effort and track progress as they work towards goals.  Do you have any suggestions to share?  Help me round out this Google Doc Spreadsheet and make sure to include your name next to any apps you add so that I can make sure to give you credit!

iEarnedThat by Kidoc, LLC ($1.99)

Created for parents to use with their children, this app also can be used to provide recognition as students work towards goals. iEarnedThat is an easy to use tool that can help students develop desirable behaviors by working towards tangible goals.  Using a visual interactive puzzle, the app allows students to monitor their own progress and work towards achieving goals.

GradePad by Portage Interactive, LLC ($2.99)

GradePad is a performance assessment tool that teachers and students can use to assess behavior and performance using rubrics that have criteria and scales.  Both individual and group rubrics can be created, allowing teachers to track students, or for students to track their own progress against project goals.  Teachers can work with students to create a class effort rubric to help set a common expectation for classroom effort and achievement.

Teacher’s Assistant Pro by Lesson Portal, LLC ($6.99 or try Teacher’s Assistant Lite for free)

This app allows teachers to track student achievements and easily send actions to students (if they have email addresses) to provide recognition or feedback on progress.  It includes the ability to send reports to parents, who can then use the information to provide recognition and feedback from home on their child’s accomplishments.

Outliner for iPad By CarbonFin ($4.99)

Students can use this app to create “effort logs” to help them track goals as they work on an assignment or project.  This can help them evaluate their personal effort and identify how it relates to progress they are making in the classroom.

Check out last week’s post on Summarizing and Note Taking.


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