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Android Tablets in 2nd Grade – Lensoo Create

It’s been quite a while since the last time that I posted, so I figured now is as good a time as any for an update! I started piloting a cart of Google Play Tablets this January.  A coworker and I are sharing a cart of 32 ASUS Android tablets, which means that I have 16 tablets to use with my classroom of 26 2nd graders. We have had a hard time finding resources online for others using Android tablets in K-2, as most teachers seem to have experience with iPads. So I wanted to get back to blogging and share some of the resources that I have found so that I can help others who use Android tablets in the future!

Today, I want to share an app called Lensoo Create.
Lensoo Create
Lensoo Create is a digital whiteboard that students can use to share their ideas.  It is similar to the ShowMe app that many people are already using on the iPads.  Some of the things that you can add to the whiteboard include images, text, annotation, and audio narration.  Here is an example of one way we have been using Lensoo Create in our 2nd grade classroom:


The students can annotate using their finger or a stylus to show something like a simple math concept. I modeled how to do it with my students and then let them work with a partner to plan and create their videos. They became experts at using the app quickly.

We have used Lensoo Create in many different subject areas.  Here are some more example:

Reading – Practicing our Fluency


Writing – We wrote restaurant reviews and they recording themselves reading them.


Science – Showing the difference between lakes and rivers.


Math – Counting Money


Since my students are too young to create their own accounts, I created a classroom account using my email address and the class logs in as me to create their videos. I am currently embedding the videos into our classroom blog for them to share with the world by clicking on the embed code under the videos on the website and pasting them into our blog.

Lensoo Create is available for AndroidiPad, or for Chromebook.

You can check out more of our work by going to our Kidblog account, Garcia’s 2nd Graders.


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