Android Apps in 2nd Grade – Google Earth and Animoto

Last week, we learned about human and natural characteristics of the earth in our social studies lesson. This was a great lesson for us to explore Google Earth. We had used the app earlier in the year when we explored land forms in science, so the students were already familiar with it and they were excited to use it again.

Their job was to explore different parts of our community, state, country, and the world to find examples of human and natural characteristics. Then, they needed to find images of these characteristics and save them to a shared Google Drive folder. This would allow the students to share images when making their videos. Finally, we went into Animoto and added images and captions to create our movies. Here is one of our creations:

You can download Animoto for Android or iPad.
You can download Google Earth for Android or iPad.

You can check out more of our work by going to our Kidblog account, Garcia’s 2nd Graders.


2 comments on “Android Apps in 2nd Grade – Google Earth and Animoto

  1. Hi Kim. Very proud of you for keeping up with your blog =) I love reading what you do with your class. Have you used Haiku Deck, Popplet, or toontastic? Check them out, I think you will like them very much. I use Haiku deck a lot with my students, it’s similar to powerpoint but way easier. I have to look into Google Earth app. Also, question: do all the kids have a gmail account? How do they upload it onto google drive? Do you have one account that you use for them to submit? Hope all is well, congrats again on your newest addition! xo

  2. Hey Kerry! Is it considered keeping up if I just started posting again after a good two years off? 😉 I will have to check out all three of those resources – I moved to a school without much technology last year, but now I am piloting some ASUS tablets that run on Android, so I am super excited to start exploring what is out there. The devices are assigned a Google email address, so that is how we upload to drive. I hope you are doing well – you always look so happy in your FB posts! I miss working with you!

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