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Android Tablets in 2nd Grade – Pear Deck

I am always looking for new ways to use formative assessment in my classroom, so I was excited when I was introduced to Pear Deck by another person in my district. Pear deck allows you to create interactive presentations with built-in assessment options. It has the standard question options, like multiple-choice, free text (both short and long), and number response, but my favorite part of this app is the drawing option.

We used Pear Deck when reviewing our science unit on land forms, and I was able to insert a question where the students had to draw an example of a land form, and in real-time, I was able to see what they drew and share some of their responses with the class. We also used this feature when we were learning about different plane shapes and they had to draw examples of quadrilaterals, pentagons, and others. It was an engaging way to give all of my students a chance to show what they know and a great resource as a teacher for me to evaluate what I needed to work on with my students as a whole class, in small group, or individually.

Pear Deck is easy to use, and I was able to put together a new deck in just a few minutes. Deck is the term they use for their presentations. I currently use the free version, but they do also have a paid version where you have some additional question types and other features. The video below gives a quick overview for how to create a deck and shows my favorite features, the drawing option mentioned above. This is a great option for classrooms that have touch-screen devices.

Another reason that I love Pear Deck is its integration with Google Drive. This makes it easy to share files that I have created with others. You can check out my land forms deck here or the coins deck from the video here.

Have any suggestions to share for how to use Pear Deck or another formative assessment tool in a creative way? I would love to hear ideas in the comments!


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