Reflections on edcamp GISD

I had the opportunity to attend the first ever edcamp sponsored by the Genesee County Intermediate School District today. It was a great opportunity to meet other educators in the area who are passionate about technology and innovation. It wasn’t a huge turnout, but it was a great size to allow us to get to know each other and share ideas. 

My favorite session was on Maker Spaces. None of us had much experience with this, but we had a full room of people wanting to learn more. I just recently began exploring maker education, and wasn’t quite sure yet how this could fit into my classroom, but left the session with a few ideas and a lot of excitement. 

Overall, the most valuable thing I got out of the day was the networking. We had great conversations about tech integration, allowing students the chance to have a voice in their learning, augmented reality, blogging with our students, PBL and more! I am excited about learning from the people I met and we already have plans to see each other again at edcamp Detroit! 

Thank you GISD for bringing edcamp to the Flint area. I am looking forward to watching this event grow in coming years for other area teachers! 


3 comments on “Reflections on edcamp GISD

  1. I want to thank you for investing your time with the GISD Edcamp. It takes everyone who attend the sessions is where the sparks of innovative instruction. Keep being a strong voice as an educator.

    And know we will help organize and support a Maker Space event. Know that all of our events will grow because of the support of educators like yourself.

  2. I enjoyed myself at EdCamp May2nd, which was held at GISD in Flint, Michigan. This is my second time attend an EdCamp event. I was so excited that I introduced my daughters to this awesome experience. There were so many happy and fun people there. We learned so much from others through talking and sharing. I learned how to use twitter and so many ( new ) sites. I’m still telling people about EdCamp and can’t wait for next years event.Super Thank to Ron Madison and the other wonderful Staff of GISD.

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