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Android Tablets in 2nd Grade – Augmented Reality Book Reviews with Aurasma

I was introduced to Aurasma last winter at edCamp Lansing when I attended a session by Erin Klein, the author of the website Kleinspiration. If you are ever looking for great ideas for integrating technology, I highly recommend checking out her website! She put together a great post with information on how to use Aurasma and some classroom examples and even has a free document on TPT with step-by-step directions for how to make an Aurasma Augmented Reality video.

I didn’t have access to much technology last school year, so I didn’t do anything with Aurasma last year. Luckily, a coworker attended MACUL in March and refreshed my memory. I decided to try it out right away with our math word wall with vocabulary from our unit on plane and 3-D shapes. Ever since then, they have been bugging me to use it again.

Our next trip into AR is with mini book reviews. Each student had to read a fiction picture book from our classroom library and then they wrote a 5 sentence review. I created a graphic organizer to help them get started with question prompts for each of the five sentences to include in their reviews. Then they worked with a buddy to practice reading the script for their videos. I had classroom volunteers record the videos in the hallway to minimize the background noise. I helped them attach the video to their trigger images in the app, but I am sure they can figure it out on their own with just a little more practice. We had some hiccups with the Android tablets when trying to create the auras, so I did end up having to do most of it on my iPhone – definitely a drawback for the devise. Finally, we printed out some Aurasma icons to put on the books with auras so that others will know there is a video to watch. We just placed the icons on the cover of the book and use clear tape to secure it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a classroom full of books with mini reviews that other students can watch just by scanning the cover? I only wish I started this earlier in the year!

We will be working on adding more to our classroom library during the final weeks of the school year.


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