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Today I Talked Too Much!

I have been talking a lot with my students about helping to create a more student centered classroom and building growth mindsets, and as I reflect on my day I realized that I did too much talking and not enough listening. I get so energized when I think about my “ideal classroom” that sometimes my passion and ideas take over and I just want to share, share, share! So as I work with my students on setting goals to become better readers and writers, I also need to work on my goals of constantly trying to be a better teacher.  My goal for the rest of the week is to stop doing so much talking and start handing control of the conversation back to my students.

Some of my best experiences so far this year have been when I have stopped talking and started listening. It can be difficult to give up control in the classroom, especially when teachers are being evaluated on student performance on standardized tests. But I don’t want to be held back by testing when it goes against what I know in my head and my heart to be best for my students. So tomorrow, I will continue pushing myself to be a better teacher. Instead of talking about giving students a voice in the classroom, I will take a step back and start listening.


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