Kim Jurczak

Teaching is the Hardest Job I’ve Ever Had

Something has been weighing on my mind lately. After chatting with a former coworker yesterday and participating in an inspiring #miched chat about teachers as writers, I felt the need to share. I have a confession to make. I left the classroom… again. And I’m not proud of it.  The decision was one for my […]

Sometimes the Best Homework Assignments are the Ones We Don’t Give

I got an email this afternoon from one of my students. He had shared a Google Slides presentation with a comment asking for our principal’s email address. He had read a Newsela article about a gaga ball pit. He was so interested in the concept that he created a persuasive presentation asking her to get one for the […]

Close Reading with A Song

Close Reading with A Song

I have been meaning to start incorporating songs into my reading instruction for a while, but haven’t found the time until this week. Songs offer so many possibilities – talking about theme, author’s purpose, point of view, similes and metaphors, and many other skills related to the common core standards. They are a great resource […]

Are You Teaching for Tomorrow? Our Voice Matters

Today, six fifth graders from my homeroom shared their voices with a group of teachers at our district’s first ever edcamp. They were given a chance to talk about things that they are proud of in their learning and things that they wish we, as teachers, would change.  They titled their session, “Are You Teaching […]

Today I Talked Too Much!

I have been talking a lot with my students about helping to create a more student centered classroom and building growth mindsets, and as I reflect on my day I realized that I did too much talking and not enough listening. I get so energized when I think about my “ideal classroom” that sometimes my […]

Building Student Ownership Through Self Assessment

I have set a standard with my students this year that I will complete the same assignments that I ask of them. We have a classroom Kidblog account where each student is expected to post about their reading each week. So in an effort to keep my promise, I need to do the same. This […]

Evolution of My Reading Instruction

I have moved into teaching 5th grade this year after many years teaching the primary grades. In trying to move away from using reading comprehension worksheets and Accelerated Reader quizzes during reading instruction, I have been putting a lot of thought into how to structure reading instruction and assess student performance as readers. As I […]