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Sometimes the Best Homework Assignments are the Ones We Don’t Give

I got an email this afternoon from one of my students. He had shared a Google Slides presentation with a comment asking for our principal’s email address. He had read a Newsela article about a gaga ball pit. He was so interested in the concept that he created a persuasive presentation asking her to get one for the […]

Close Reading with A Song

Close Reading with A Song

I have been meaning to start incorporating songs into my reading instruction for a while, but haven’t found the time until this week. Songs offer so many possibilities – talking about theme, author’s purpose, point of view, similes and metaphors, and many other skills related to the common core standards. They are a great resource […]

Are You Teaching for Tomorrow? Our Voice Matters

Today, six fifth graders from my homeroom shared their voices with a group of teachers at our district’s first ever edcamp. They were given a chance to talk about things that they are proud of in their learning and things that they wish we, as teachers, would change.  They titled their session, “Are You Teaching […]

Today I Talked Too Much!

I have been talking a lot with my students about helping to create a more student centered classroom and building growth mindsets, and as I reflect on my day I realized that I did too much talking and not enough listening. I get so energized when I think about my “ideal classroom” that sometimes my […]

Building Student Ownership Through Self Assessment

I have set a standard with my students this year that I will complete the same assignments that I ask of them. We have a classroom Kidblog account where each student is expected to post about their reading each week. So in an effort to keep my promise, I need to do the same. This […]

Ending the Year with Measurement Fun!

Ending the Year with Measurement Fun!

 It can be so difficult to keep students on task at the end of the school year, so I like to incorporate some fun projects to practice skills we have learned and improve our teamwork skills. This year, one of our projects was to create a game for our measurement unit in math.     The […]

Social Learning Summit 2012 Presentation – Building Real-World Skills: Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond

For anyone looking for my presentation at the 2012 Social Learning Summit on April 21, 2012. Building Real-World Skills – Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond View more PowerPoint from kjurczak Thanks for everyone who joined me today at the session!