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Social Learning Summit 2012 Presentation – Building Real-World Skills: Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond

For anyone looking for my presentation at the 2012 Social Learning Summit on April 21, 2012. Building Real-World Skills – Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond View more PowerPoint from kjurczak Thanks for everyone who joined me today at the session!

2012 Social Learning Summit

Looking for an opportunity to connect with leading educators on the use of social media and Web 2.0 in teaching and learning? Check out the free 2012 Social Learning Summit, an event held in partnership with Classroom 2.0 and the Discovery Educator Network, on Saturday, April 21st, 2012. The theme of the conference is the use of social media and […]

iPad Apps and Instructional Strategies – Summarizing and Note Taking

This is the second post in a series devoted to integrating the instructional strategies discussed in Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement (Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock) into teaching and learning in a 1-to-1 iPad environment.  While in no way a comprehensive list, these resources will hopefully give some ideas for how to integrate the […]

Edtech Resource of the Week – BioDigital Human

Those of you who know me are likely aware that I am a fan of the Google Chrome web browser.  So today’s resource comes from the Chrome Web Store, and you will need to download Google Chrome if you don’t have it yet – it’s free. I stumbled upon the BioDigital Human web application in the Chrome […]

Four Online Tools for Collaboration

Collaboration is an important skill our student’s must learn in order to be successful in today’s world.  This post takes a look at 4 online tools that can be used to facilitate collaboration with your students, both within the walls of your own school as well as globally as you collaborate with other classrooms. 1. Google […]

Student Centered Learning

This week, I stumbled across a wiki my former 2nd grade students and I created during my last year in the classroom, and it evoked two reactions for me. First, it made me nostalgic for the joy of watching my students learn, and second, it strengthened my belief that today’s classrooms need to be student-centered […]